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Martin, TN April 2006 
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The 2006 edition of the Martin, TN Rodeo School was held once again on the campus of UTM Martin, TN. Rodeo Coach John Luthi and the UTM Rodeo Program were the hosts. This is the most elite facility we do a rodeo school in. It's a civic center quality arena with both right and left hand delivery bucking chutes, extensive classroom and viewing facilities, and plenty of nearby options for lodging and meals.

The bucking stock was provided by PRCA stock contractor Mark Johnson and Johnson Rodeo Company. As usual, we had tons of stock with a variety from beginner stock to NFR quality stock for each event.

Dewitt Forrest had a young but very enthusiastic group of Bare Back Riding Students. Ages were from 13 to 42 with varied backgrounds. The top honors went to Ken Bond for the Ride-Off, Cody Mounts, for the Leadership Award, and Alden Howard for one of two special overall Outstanding Student Awards.

Bruce Anthony lead one of the more experienced and aggressive groups of Saddle Bronc Students we've had all year. They got on a bunch of stock and will be making an impact in high school and professional rodeo this year. The Ride-Off Winner was Jami Bartek. The Top Student award went to Kenneth Kellem. The Leadership Award went to Matthew Bartsch.

Ed Belveal headed up the Bull Riding Class with a mix of students. We had many beginners, some with a little experience, some just for the "Vision Quest Adventure Experience", one female bull rider, and ages from 13 to mid-forties. The Ride-Off Winner was Ross Hester. The Top Student Award went to Stuart Blake. And here again we had a special Overall Outstanding Student Award that went to David Hauck.

With the success of the school coach Luthi has again booked it for Easter Weekend of 2007. As with the last 3 years there, this session filled up and enrollment was limited to "Waiting List Only" well in advance of the deposit deadline. If you are planning to attend for next year be sure to enroll well in advance to insure that you can get in. We are serious about limiting enrollment to maintain the quality of our program and your experience with us!

Group Photo

Bareback - Ken Bond - Ride-Off Winner

Bareback - Leadership Award - Cody Mounts

Bareback - Outstanding Student - Alden Howard

Saddle Bronc - Matthew Bartsch - Leadership Award

Saddle Bronc - Kenneth Kellem - Leadership Award

Saddle Bronc - Jami Bartek - Ride-Off Winner

Bull Riding - Stuart Blake - Leadership

Bull Riding - Ross Hester - Ride-Off Winner

Bull Riding - David Hauck - Outstanding Student
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