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Centerville, IA March 2006 - Sankey Rodeo School Extreme Riders 
Chris, received his Top Student award for his total effort on each and every bull.
Kolten Smith, received Best Finish Honors at Centerville, IA in the Bull Riding

Ron Bonadeo, pictured here and Daniel Carvalho, pictured below received Top Student awards for being the most improved students.

Daniel Carvalho, pictured here and Ron Bonadeo, pictured above received Top Student awards for being the most improved students.
Our ride off winner goes to R. J. Eppers
John Young, is our Ride Off winner in the Jr Bull Riding.
We had two Outstanding Student Awards in the Bullfighting, Scott McNinch picture here, and Mason Winebarger pictured below.
Mason Winebarger - Outstanding Student Award
Our first Enthusiasm award goes to Trevor Reiste, in the Jr Bull Riding.
Our second Enthusiasm award goes to Tyler Reiste, in the Jr Bull Riding

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The 3rd annual "Dan Larson" Memorial Rodeo School in Centerville, IA shows continued interest in sports fastest growing spectator event.

Once again it was a successful program with students from very diversified backgrounds, ages, and ambitions.

There were 4 Jr. Bull Riders (ages 12 to 13) and one Jr. Ground School (age 9). All of them did well and made progress moving them closer to being ready for not only the coming summer competitions but high school rodeo in the next year ahead.

There were 25 Bull Riders (ages 14 to 40) and one Bull Riding Ground School student. Some were high school students, some were businessmen, truck drivers, or school teachers. Yet others were law enforcement and fire fighters. We even had students there who owned their own business. A few have been active in competitions ranging from youth rodeo to various minor league bull riding and rodeo associations. Most were brand new to the sport or very novice. As is always the case, we had a couple of students there just for the adventure experience. Chris was one of the "Vision Quest" adventure people we get and won the Student Award for "Best Effort" We had a tie for the "Most Improved Student" award and a very hard choice to

"Top Student". All that shows the focus and effort of this group.

As is often the case, when there's some solid effort from within the group, it acts to motivate the others in an infectious and positive way. That's why we gave several additional awards at this school.

We had three bullfighting students. All had limited exposure to the sport but each one plugged in and accomplished their goals for the school. Two will go on to fight bulls and will be successful anywhere they go. Both were award winners at the school. The other showed valid potential and did well but determined to leave his bullfighting to the rodeo school experience. Still well done.

It was, for us as a staff, a pleasure to see the positive and supportive involvement of the parents, wives, and family member for the students they'd come with to the school.

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