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Carthage, Texas - April 2006 
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The 2006 Carthage, TX bull riding/bullfighting school was a blast. We had a mix of student ages from 13 to 44. From career men to students, we had as often is the case, a very diverse group. Students and families were honored each evening to hear special presentations by PRCA/PBR Pro Bullfighter Cory Wall (Friday) and Event Legend and the inventor of "MIghty Bucky", Terry Holland (Saturday). Each had unique gifts and messages to share about rodeo, life and values. It would have been difficult to be there and not left uplifted. Thanks to both of you men.

Our "Outstanding Student" Award went to a "Vision Quest Adventure" student. It's the first time that award has ever been given to someone just there for the adventure experience. Well done Miles Tucker. Rarely has a student put more into the training than Miles did. From the outside it looked like someone with a mission and a goal. I guess he did have one and I think he reached it with an amazing ride to finish out the school as he was on top when the whistle blew for the competition ride Sunday.

As good as Miles rode, D.J. Dugard edged him out for the "Ride-Off" Award in the Sunday student competition. He handled all four categories well (chute procedure - ride - dismount - stock... the only one the student doesn't have control over) to take the honors. Nice finish to go with all that hard work all weekend.

The "Top Student" Award in the Bullfigthing went to Caleb Lucius. He worked hard, made good progress, and stayed focused all weekend. As a new student to the bullfighting he did very well. Great Job Caleb.

Carthage, Texas - April 2006

Introduction On First Day

Ride-Off Winner D.J. Dugard

Top Student in the Bullfighting - Caleb Lucius

Top Student in Bull Riding - Miles Tucker

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